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Let's talk about our values and how to be empowered and have agency to live our lives based on those values, for example; creating inclusive spaces, ethical investing, eco-solutions, etc.
Through an almost childlike curiosity about the world, I find Out-Of-The-Box solutions to challenges. My objective is to utilize my skills and vast network to accomplish positive results in a professional and personal way. I have lived in various countries and visited many more and use that knowledge and understanding of diverse cultures and societies and connections to help in my endeavors.
Currently changing the world, one decision at a time, Jiwa Sustainable Realty, Ethical Investments, 313Nature lifestyle brand- Lifestyle of Integrity, etc.
My goal is to show the importance of our natural world through conservation and education and to foster relationships between humans, animals, and plants, to help build empathy for our natural world and each other. Recently, I have been interested in the field of Bio-mimmicry, where one takes cues from nature to solve and help us live our lives more eco-friendly and leave a smaller carbon footprint. I have worked with both wild and domestic animals in training, well-being, and public education, and continue this passion.
I'm a thought leader with great ideas for projects locally and internationally, and the experience to back that up. Let's chat!

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